Friday, August 29, 2008

Elicia's Bio

What's your name? Elicia Dover
Where are you from? Bryant, Arkansas
What year are you in school? Junior
What is your career goal? To be a reporter for a major news network or newspaper.
What do you like to read? Mostly web sites and newspapers. I don't read a lot of books on my own since I always have about 5 that are assigned to me at one time.
Where do you get your news? 80% online 10% newspapers 10% 24 hour cable news stations
Do you have any journalism experience? Yes, I was editor of my high school newspaper, worked for the DN for only a short time, had a summer internship with a news station in Little Rock, AR, this summer had an internship with Fox News in NY, and also have gained experience from my J-classes in which I have had to write a lot of stories for.
Do you have a blog? I kept a blog this summer for the Journalism School's web site about my internship.
What are you passionate about? I honestly really love journalism and reporting. I thrive on asking tough questions and making people squirm! Also, I really believe that high school journalist are at an huge disadvantage in this country because they are too afraid of getting in trouble if they report certain stories. I once had an administrator tell me he was going to write me up and put me in detention if I wrote a story about something he was doing that was going against the handbook. I wrote it. High school students have the same freedoms as anyone, and I don't think a lot of principals realize that.
Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you? I'm a cheerleader for UNL, which I love doing. Also, I do a lot of work with the American Cancer Society here on campus since my mom is a breast cancer survivor and my grandmother died of it. I really think a cure is just around the corner.

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